Thursday, September 10, 2009

South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson shouts 'you lie' at Obama during health care reform joint congress session.

It was a perfect storm of hot buttons, which evokes an expression of negativity as the heads. President Barack Obama made a speech before Congress, and he started on health care and illegal immigrants and money, and unexpectedly, "said Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina.

"You lie, a member of the Republican Congress has on the floor of the house sank immediately after the president said:" The reforms I propose would not apply to the here illegally. "
It was Rep. Wilson, who has strengthened the conviction that the reform of the health sector are the so-called dashboards death. He called it an "end of life counseling program, which was duly granted by the former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin as a program to manage the means that will encourage seniors to seek less care to identify the net effect to protect the government."
Since the position of discussing the issue of weapons sexy why not, what a sexy arms? For me it is in the chain and the balance between muscle and fat, long lines and slopes DEAP. You need a little fat in this deal, curvy look great, it speaks to the instincts of a man in, he tells a man, a woman is healthy and would be a good companion. I was never attracted so much nervous look that celebrities like Madonna is known.
Where was Mr. Wilson, as President Bush lied to our nation. The GOP, sit there punching the war, Patriot Act and applies to all the questions have been addressed, the Bush Aministration.
The GOP is used to deceive and that is greed and tax cuts and for themselves and the rich.
It is a shame, Hippocrates and unpatriotic.
For those who have no health insurance, it is of course the need to ensure accessibility to affordable health insurance. And I think it will obviously eliminate any confusion about what is not in the reform of health care. And finally, I think it is for many of the big questions, as we in the reform of health and he believes that the answer really reform. I think those are the three points he had in mind. I'm waiting for the details of the president's speech.

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